Gender Neutral Housing

Students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year (returning students) may apply for Gender Neutral Housing, however you must already know and request your roommate/suite-mates and register together through the housing lottery.

Currently, Gender Neutral Housing is available in any returning student residence hall that is suite or apartment-style on any campus.

For first-year, incoming students, you can request to receive more information on your housing application, and speak with our residence life staff about the best option for you. You can also take advantage of one of the following gender-inclusive living communities:

New Gibbons (Douglass Campus)

In order to utilize New Gibbons Gender Neutral Housing, one must join the special interest community, Rainbow Perspectives.

Demarest Hall (College Avenue)

In order to utilize Demarest Gender Neutral Housing, one must register for a special interest housing community. When you receive the application for the special interest housing community, there will be a section for you to list the name of a roommate of any gender.

Policies and Restrictions

If one of the roommates chooses to move out, residents may name another, specific roommate of any gender. If residents do not choose a roommate, they will be assigned a new roommate of the same gender identity.

In New Gibbons and in Demarest, students will have the option of using a gender-neutral, multi-stall restroom or a gender-specific, multi-stall restroom. Students who opt to share a room with someone of a different gender will still have the option of using a gender-specific restroom. No one will be required to live in a gender-neutral room or to use a gender-neutral restroom.