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Our center offers a wide-range of on-demand training and educational workshops. We can train student groups, staff teams, and provide customizable guest lectures. Please peruse our menu and request form below for more information. Please note, if you are looking for a specific training not listed below, we can work with you to build an agenda that lends itself to your learning outcomes as it pertains to all forms of social justice (racism, ableism, classism, etc…)

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Safe(R) Space Workshop (90 minutes or 3 hours)

This workshop is an interactive session of learning about the way in which society has taught us to think about sexuality and gender and where these ideas came from. An activity surrounding terminology and beginning conversations around what each term may mean creates a foundation for dialogue. A 20min video on the Trans community is presented as a start to a deeper conversation surrounding trans identities. The ideas of privilege and oppression are then discussed in the context of ideological, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression. And then a conversation about active Allyship and how to learn more about the topics discussed.

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Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Identities

This 60 to 90 minute training takes the first steps towards educating the audience on the many identities of gender variance. Definitions pertaining to gender variance will be presented and discussed. Participants will watch an optional 20 min video pertaining to the trans community. Dialogue surrounding the messages and values society has constructed surrounding the Trans and Gender Nonconforming communities. And understanding cisgender privilege will be discussed and then a constructive conversation surrounding active allyship will be had.

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Language Matters Workshop

The Language Matters workshop is a 60 to 90 minute long program which deconstructs the ideas and impact that negatively charged words used in society and how their uses create a damaging environment for all of society. The presentation uses audience dialogue as well as video examples to demonstrate how microagressions hinder our ability to have a diverse and inclusive society/community.

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Building Inclusive Communities

Is a customizable (60min, 90min, or 3hr) workshop in which participants actively engage with the ways in which society has taught us to think, feel, and behave towards different identities. Through several different activities the group will be able to reflect, dialogue, discuss, and debrief where these messages came from and how they fit into systems of privilege, oppression, power, and bias.

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