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The LGBTQA Liaison Network is a select group of faculty and staff who have been charged with giving “visible focus” in their respective departments to the issues of the LGBTQ community by assisting students in resolving problems, promoting general awareness/professional development, sponsoring programs to reduce transphobia and heterosexism, and making appropriate referrals for campus services. Faculty and Staff Liaisons often serve as point people across the university in regards to ensuring LGBTQA students can navigate more comfortably and with cultural competence.

Liaison Directory

Student Affairs

Joanne Aguglia Student Centers 2-3180
Karen Ardizzone Student Involvement 932-6978
Laura Christiansen Student Life – Student Involvement 848 932 7101
Anne Finetto Recreation 8484451980
Laura Luciano Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance 848-932-1181
Randi Mack Student Centers 848-932-9374
Larry McAllister II Student Affairs 8484451320
Anita Molinari Student Life, Student Centers 8484451310
Anne Newman Student Affairs 848-932-8576
Brady Root Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance 848-932-1181
Mark Sharp Student Life 848.932.6577
Lisa Smith Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance 848-932-1181
Eileen Tarrant Student Activities Business Office 848-932-6978
Kerri Willson Off Campus Living and Community Partnerships 848-932-5500

Residence Life

Avery Arrington Residence Life Coordinator 848-445-2749
Jackie Cetera Residence Life Coordinator 848.445.2561
Kenneth Crisman Residence Life Educator 848-445-6707
Sean Dowd Assistant Director of Residence Life for the College Avenue Campus 848-932-7209
Jessica Fred Residence Life Coordinator 8489329363
Kara Gensamer Residence Life Educator 848-445-2561
Karen Lakomy Coordinator for Special Programs 848-445-0039
Michele Lam Residence Life Educator 848-445-1007
John Leciejewski Residence Life Coordinator of New Gibbons 848-932-9363
Ariel Leget Residence Life Coordinator 848-932-7209
Janet Jun Siew Loh Residence Life Educator 8489327209
Amy LoSacco Community Standards Coordinator 848-445-7639
Alisa Maron Conference Coordinator 848-445-0353
Heidi Nicklaus Residence Life Educator 848-445-6706
George Roitzsch Residence Life Educator for Cook/Douglass 848-932-9363
Michael Tolbert Director for Student Support 848-932-4371
Jacquelyn Wonsey Residence Life Coordinator (848) 932-4785

Cultural Centers

Saskia Agustin Center for Latino Arts and Culture 848-932-1288
Ji Lee Asian American Cultural Center 848-445-8043
merz lim Asian American Cultural Center 848-445-8043
Jodie Shin Asian American Cultural Center 848-445-8043
Kiyanna Stewart Paul Robeson Cultural Center 848.445.1586
Silismar Suriel Center for Latino Arts and Culture 848-932-1288


John Ackroff Psychology (848) 445-2635
Liz Amaya-Fernandez Center of Alcohol Studies 848-445-2300
Carol Andrew SEBS Academic Programs 848-932-3000
Ann Bagchi School of Nursing 973-353-1042
Margot Baruch Douglass Residential College 848-932-3158
Gwendolyn Beetham Douglass Residential College 848-932-3159
Matthew Bellof Program in Criminal Justice 732-445-2733
Gary Brill Psychology 848-445-3106
Penny Carlson SEBS Academic Programs 848-932-3000
Hester Coan Student Services SC&I 848-932-8702
Keisha Dabrowski Douglass Residential College 22543
Ashley Dombrowski College Support Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum 848-932-7884
Siobain Duffy Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources 848 932 6299
Kevin Ewell Office of Student Services – School of Communication 848-932-8741
Jeff Friedman Dance 848-932-1384
Melissa Gasparotto Libraries 8489326102
Eugene Gentile Rutgers Business School, Office of Career Management 8484458543
Kathryn Greene Communication (SC&I) 848 932 8715
Zarin Hamid Global Women’s Center 848-932-8782
Emily Haran Institute for Women’s Leadership 848-932-8449
Kyle Hartmann Rutgers Equine Science Center 848-932-9419
Ebelia Hernandez Graduate School of Ed 848-932-0818
Dorothy Hodgson Anthropology 848-932-8757
Hilton Kaplan NJ Center for Biomaterials 805-242-2050
Krista Klein Honors College Also TBD! :)
Jeremy LaMaster Department of Women’s & Gender Studies N/A
Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies (848) 445-3820
Michelle Neumyer SEBS Office of Academic Programs 848-932-3000
Stephanie Perez GAIA Centers 8489323082
Kim Pernice Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs 848-932-3076
Kathleen Rahman Animal Sciences 848-932-1168
Rebecca Reynolds Douglass Residential College 848-932-3026
Sharice Richardson Academic Programs – SEBS 848-932-3000
Kerstin Schnatter Rutgers Business School-Undergrad Programs 732-445-3600
Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui faculty-American Studies 848-932-3470
Jay Stefanelli SC&I 8489328936
Lawrence Stromberg Biomedical Engineering 848-445-6870
Sasha Taner Institute for Women’s Leadership 8489328458
Sarah Tobias Institute for Research on Women 848-932-9072
Julie Traxler Academic Services, SAS 848/932-8888
Allison Warner Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) 8489327469
Allison Warner The Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research and Service (under the auspices of the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI)) 848-932-7469
Laura Yankowski Douglass Residential College 848-932-2542
Sharon Zucker Social Work Center on Violence Against Women and Children 848-932-4396


Kelly Andrade Center for Global Education 848-932-2482
Tammy Boslet Student Employment 848-932-2639
Amy Brainard SAS Office of Academic Services 848-932-8888
Amy Brainard SAS Office of Undergraduate Education 848-932-8888
Tamar Kieval Brill SAS Office of Academic Services 2-8888
Amy Creteau Student Employment 848/932-2644
Latisha Crubaugh Office of the Executive Dean – SEBS 848-932-3506
Lee Dmochowski Undergraduate Admissions 848-445-7306
Manfredi Giliberti Office of Academic Services 848-932-2570
Juli Hibbard Office of the Registrar 848-445-1689
Katsumi Kishida Center for Global Services 848-932-7015
Diane McCarthy Student Employment/Financial Aid 848-932-2654
Cynthia Meekins Student Employment 848/932-2651
Loan Nguyen Center for Global Education 848-932-7787
Lauren Olsen Office of Enrollment Management – Research and Enrollment Information Services (REIS) 848-445-3780
Emily Pereira SAS Office of Academic Services EMILYPER@RCI.RUTGERS.EDU 848-932-8888
John Perez Career Services 848-445-5631
Jaclyn Rodriguez Undergraduate Admissions 848.445.3779
Kay Schechter Community Affairs 848-932-0599
Michelle Shostack SAS EOF 848-932-7167
Betty Spear SAS Academic Services 848-932-8888
Courtney Stanzione SAS Office of Academic Services 888-932-8888
Lauren Winogron Center for Global Education 848-932-7787 x5
Iris Zipkin SAS Office of Academic Services 848-445-8888

Dean of Students/Spirituality/Campus Safety

Brandon Bernstein Rutgers Hillel 7325452407
Jeffrey Broggi Dean of Students 848-445-4088
Sandra (Rocio) Castro Dean of Students 848/445-0166
Jewel Daney Dean of Students 848-932-2300
Halston Fleming Office of the Dean of Students 848-932-2300
Rabbi Adam Frieberg JLIC – Hillel 732-545-2407
Sara Frieberg JLIC – Hillel 732-545-2407
Tim Grimm Dean of Students 848-932-2300
Jennifer Hammill RUPD 848-932-1368
Rabbi Esther Reed Rutgers Hillel 732-545-2407
Mark Schuster Dean of Students 848.932.2300
Greg Yellin Hillel greg@rutgershillel.orf 7327548811

Health Services

Beverly Andres CAPS 848-932-7884
Melanie Bass RHS-CAPS 848-932-7884
Gemma Boyd CAPS 848-932-7884
Mark Cruz HOPE 9084589156
Lynn Fryer Rutgers Health Services 88-932-9007
Carlos Garcia CAPS 848-932-7884
Zach Infantolino RHS-CAPS 848-932-7884
Nicky Isaacson CAPS 848 932-7884
Barbara Kachur-Karavites CAPS 848 932-7884
Andrew Keenan RHS-CAPS 848-932-7884
Mary Kelly CAPS 848.932.7884
Pam Lubbers RHS- CAPS 848-932-9558
Althea Maduramente CAPS 848-932-7884
Francesca Maresca Health Services 848-932-1965
Reese Mayer CAPS 848-932-7884
Maressa Nordstrom CAPS 848-932-7884
Hina Pant CAPS 848-932-7884
Julissa Perez RHS- CAPS 848-932-7884
Jill Richards CAPS 848-932-7884
Tam Rovitto RHS-CAPS 848-932-7884
David Rowe CAPS 732-932-9526
Tejal Shah CAPS 848-932-7884
Diane Simmons CAPs 848-932-7884
Steven Sohnle RHS CAPS 848-932-7884
Matthew Steinhauer RHS-CAPS 848-932-7884
E. Shane Uber CAPS 848-932-7884
Annmarie Wacha-montes Caps 8489327884
Charity Wilkinson CAPS 848-932-7884
Tricia Woodin-Weaver CAPS 848-932-7884
Audra Yacka CAPS 848-932-7884